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Useful Applications to Download

Most expatriates tend to stay in Saudi Arabia longer than the actual plan. In order for them to reside in Saudi Arabia, they should know all the perks and apps to must-have with just a tap for a convenient stay in the country.

Following are all the top must-have apps every expatriate living in Saudi Arabia should have. Download Now: Google PlaysStore or Apple App

The abbreviation of MOFA is Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This application is one of the most useful in applying for a visa and the formal invitation to visit KSA. This app provides all the visa requirements, attestations, and related information. The current status checks for your Visa application, registering for Hajj and Umrah application forms, health certificate verifications, family Visit visa inquiries, re-entry and work Visa, etc., all are handled here.

Absher Online Platform & App

Absher enables you to access a majority of government services in a single app. As a Saudi resident and a citizen, this app is a must-have. Absher is available both in Arabic and English. In a securely automated manner, you can keep track of over 280 services and transactions, get Hajj permits, and apply for jobs without having to travel to the headquarters.

Commute apps: Uber, Careem or Jenny

Traveling in the city is now easy and convenient in a new place through the reliable transportation apps Uber and Careem. So these apps should be on your phone when you’re residing in the country to have time-saving travels. Just plan to go, dress up, request a ride, and travel safely with affordable options on a single tap.

Google Maps

No one would expect you to know the addresses and locations of moving to a new place. Hence, Google maps should be your go-to thing to rely on. They’ll help you with navigation, traffic updates, ideal time-saving, obstacle-free routes, and reviews of the location you’re traveling to.

Mobile Service Provider Applications

No matter who you are, a visitor, a resident, or a citizen, great mobile network coverage, with overall data performance and top download and upload speed, is necessary.

The affordable, most dominant service providers with multiple services are listed here.

  • Mobily

  • STC

  • Zain

All the 3 top in one field or the another. They offer cheap affordable options to choose from for data packages. Other than that, their applications allow you to get prepaid offers and do postpaid billings. Moreover, the services also include full access to your data and call usage information.

Food Delivery Service Apps

You cannot spend time in the kitchen making meals when you’re on the go for work-related things. Instead, you look for the options available that save time and serve you quality and good value meals for your money. Hunger station app: supermarkets, pharmacies, grocery marts & your favorite restaurants are all on a single platform, providing you with a fast and easy delivery experience. Talabat app: Talabat allows you to choose according to your mood. If you are in the mood to cook, there are market options for your groceries to look at. In the mood to eat, order your food and patiently take a seat!


Najm provides electronic insurance services to report incidents, film, and track the status. Updates on the contact information, identification of site branches, and from arrival to the investigator site map, all critical information. Najm App works with reviewing accidents, assessing damages, and claiming insurance. Finding a solution and providing compensation and claims is Najm’s way of working.


Nusuk is one of the apps of the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah. Nusuk enables those wishing to perform Umrah and visit to apply for permits to enter the Two Holy Mosques for Umrah, visit, and prayers in accordance with the capacity approved by the concerned authorities, ensuring the provision of a spiritual and safe environment that adheres to health precautions and controls. And the regulatory system, in conjunction with the ‘Tawakkalna application,’ to ensure the applicant’s health is safe.


Sehhaty App is a health application that is developed under the supervision of the Ministry of Health to help with healthcare services. It is also the main App to use when you want to book a COVID test in KSA.

Important Services provided by the application include:

  • COVID-19 vaccine appointment booking.

  • COVID-19 test appointment booking.

  • Book an appointment in primary healthcare centers.

  • Fast medical consultations.

  • Search for medication and the nearest pharmacies.


Make all your financial transactions with STC Pay, an integrated digital wallet that helps you receive, transfer, manage, and purchase your spending. Apart from that, the app is useful for sharing group expenses with your contact list and promises to improve your current socio-financial to present solutions behaviours.

With the STC Pay, you can get the following facilities:

  • Recharge your STC prepaid lines and pay your STC postpaid bills.

  • Send money to your family and friends by using the STC pay accounts, or you can send money internationally.

  • Pay your water and electricity bills, Menatelecom bills, and OSN bills, and consider international credit transfer.

  • Withdraw your money without a debit card, but you may need to use any NBB ATM in Bahrain.

  • Use STC pay virtual prepaid mastercard from NEC payments to shop everything and anything online.

  • Purchase at participating merchants.

  • Add money at any of the 850+ SADAD Kiosks in Bahrain, or add money to your STC pay account using your debit card.

Mada Pay

It is an Android-based mobile application that allows users to add their credit cards and debit cards. Mada represents the next phase of electronic payments in Saudi Arabia, and its purpose is to boost POS and ATM growth by providing unparalleled levels of speed, flexibility, acceptability, and security.

What Are the Steps to Link Your Visa Card to the Mada Pay Wallet App?

  • Go to the Google Store on your Android device and download the Mada Pay app.

  • You may get some instructions that you need to follow on the Mada Pay application.

  • Confirm your bank. For this, you may need to wait for a few minutes.

  • Once you are done, you can easily use your phone to pay with the Mada Pay Wallet app.

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